Writer’s Block

Currently I am suffering from writer’s block, and so I’m just going to write down a bunch of prompts and see if any take off and make my imagination happy.

  • A young lady is stranded on a desert island with a man deathly afraid of water.  She’s within swimming distance of the next island, but there isn’t a sign whether it has people on it or not, and she doubts she would have the strength to make it back if there wasn’t anything there, which would leave both people to die on their own.
  • A man has a mysterious ability to change into a muskrat.  But only every other Thursday.
  • A man and a woman fall desperately in love.  The only problem?  They’re both invisible, cursed by a gypsy queen long ago that they would never be able to see the thing they needed most.
  • In the Wild West a group of outlaws hyjak a stage coach full of riches.  The only problem?  A sassy and stubborn young lady is still inside, and she’s just as good with a pistol as they are.
  • Someone accidentally transforms the world into a game of candyland.  Now that everything is edible world hunger is over, but new problems ensue as the monsters come to life as well.  Annie, brave and diabetic young lady, is the only one who can stop them.
  • A nymph, bound to her tree for thousands of years, longs for something more.  A soldier from the modern age, shipwrecked after a mission gone wrong, finds himself in her enchanted garden, only wants to escape.
  • A tiger, lost at birth, tries to make his way through the tall, terrifying jungle, only to find that he does not belong.  His mission to find his family and save his own life is only the beginning.
  • After hundreds of years of allowing technology to progress and take over, nature rebels, seeking to destroy the ones who tried to destroy them.  In the midst of the chaos star-crossed lovers from each side must find a third way to survive.

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